Taste & See

May 5, 2015


If you never try something new, you will never know if you like it or hate it. Last week, I was with my friend Meredith at the Chik-fil-A drive through and she mentioned that the new frozen lemonade is incredible. Now, I am not much a fan of lemonade but I was tired of ordering the same old soda. When I tasted this frozen lemonade, I discovered it is delicious!  


The psalmist says "Taste and See" which is invitation to know the joy of the Lord for ourselves. Without Meredith 's invitation to taste something new, I would still be drinking the same old soda. Without you and I inviting each other to step outside our "faith comfort zones" we remain in the same old spiritual rut. Accept the invitation to join a prayer team, attend a retreat weekend, or serve on a mission project. Or be that "friend on the journey" that makes the invitation for discovery of God's goodness.


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