Sunday Message - March 15

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Be Kind. Forgive..

February 8, 2020

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Stay at Home Worshipers - Today's Message "Fix Your Eyes on Life." Look around you at all the beauty. Flowers don't know there is a pandemic. These photographers have captured the beauty of life that is all around us, the unseen versus the seen Thankful today for a different kind of "viral"

March 23, 2016

It's Palm Sunday, and this is that time of year when we return to the scene of Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem for Passover.  In the Gospel of Matthew and Mark, he heals a blind man en route to Jerusalem.  In Luke, he calls Zaccheus down from the tree while on h...

March 8, 2016


Perhaps you remember the words of the Prophet Isaiah who declared, "How beautiful are the feet of those that announce the gospel of peace, of those that announce the gospel of that which is good!"

Or perhaps you don't? No matter. According to fellow blogger, Heather of...

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